Meet Dr. Alan Fox



Dr. Alan Fox

Advanced Board Certified Orthospinology 


Dr. Fox operated one of the most successful chiropractic clinics in Twin Falls, Idaho for thirty years.  He then went on to develop his present clinic in Boise called Advanced Upper Cervical Chiropractic Wellness which is the first Orthospinology clinic in Idaho.

He is the first Advanced Graduate Board Certified Orthospinology doctor in the state of Idaho that specializes in the study and practice of upper cervical care. The primary focus of this work is to correct the precise alignment of the Head and Neck referred to as “Correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex.”  The result of this Correction is improved body balance.

Patients fly in from all over the country to have this highly technical procedure performed by Dr. Fox. He is experienced in taking care of infant, pediatric and adult patients. He also specializes in the care for athletes of all levels from high school to world class athletes.


The foundation of our work is based on a profound truth: There is a Universal Intelligence that is expressing ALL that IS.   This intelligence creates the Human Body.  Life starts with the miracle of the egg and the sperm coming together and from these two cells trillions of cells develop into a human being.  We call this life expression within “INNATE INTELLIGENCE.”  It is the amazing LIFE FORCE that give animation to the body. It is under the control and command of the Brain, Spinal Cord, and Periphery nervous system.  Interference to this expression of LIFE results in dis-ease.  If it continues it results in pain, suffering, and premature death.  The (3) primary forms of interference to this expression of LIFE FORCE are:

1. Physical Stress (birth process, falls, jerks, jolts, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents.)

2. Chemical Stress (poor quality food, poor quality water, toxins in environment, overuse of drugs, medications.)

3. Mental Stress (child abuse, dysfunctional family, intense pressure from school, job, or relationships.)

PRIMARY STRUCTURAL DISPLACEMENT OF THE CRANIAL CERVICAL JUNCTION (Head-Skull to Neck-Atlas)  Our focus is on the primary precision alignment of the head in relationship to the first and second vertebrae of the cervical spine.   This area is a very critical area that in my opinion, has the most influence on the health, and well being of the human body.  It requires precise analysis and precision correction to restore the proper alignment.   The Correction of this region results in improvement of the expression of LIFE FORCE, allowing the INNATE INTELLIGENCE to better express its healing capabilities.    We do address secondary areas of spinal alignment and other interference’s but only after the primary is corrected.

*A fact that is rarely discussedThe power that makes the body (INNATE INTELLIGENCE)  heals the body. There is no other way. Everyone at some point in their experience will have to accept this profound truth. 


Board Certifications 

• Advanced Board Certified Acupuncture Society of America (Adv A.S.A)

• Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner, (C.C.W.P.)

• Certified Kale Knee Chest

• Advanced Graduate Board Certification in the Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology



• Illinois State University pre-med (Chiropractic) Physiology.

• Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, Mo., earning his B.Sc. in Human Anatomy and D.C. degree, Doctor of Chiropractic.


Post Graduate Training 

Dr. Fox’s training included working directly with: Dr. J. Clay Thompson, (Thompson Tech), Dr. Jan Corwin (Chiropractic Sports Injury Prevention Management), Macky Shilstone (Physiology and Sports Nutrition), Dr. Kevin Hearon (Sports Injury Management), Dr. Vern Pierce (Pierce Results System), Dr. James Chestnut (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner), Dr. Don Harrison (Biophysics),  Dr. Richard Yennie (Advanced Certificate Acupuncture)


Post Graduate Upper Cervical Training

Dr. Fox’s Upper Cervical training included working with: Dr. Lee Yardley (NUCCA), Dr. Michael Lenarz (Blair), Dr. Michael Burcon (Meniere’s Trigeminal Neuralgia), Dr. Julie Hunt (Pediatrics),  Dr. Scott Rosa (Chiari I), Dr. Stan Pierce Sr. (Advanced Orthogonal), Dr. Ken Humber (Advanced Board Certified Orthospinology), Dr. Cecil Laney (Inventor of Orthospinology instrument).


National Associations

• International Chiropractic Association (ICA)

• Council on Wellness Lifestyle Sciences (ICA)

• Charter Member of International Chiropractic (ICA) Council on Upper Cervical Care


Family & Personal Interests

Dr. Fox has three adult daughters and seven grandchildren.
He enjoys reading/writing, studying civil war, military history, exercising, playing the guitar, hiking, pistol-rifle marksmanship, motorcycling and bicycling, He is very interested in the study of philosophy regarding the early history of chiropractic as it pertains to the current science of Quantum Biomechanics and how it relates to Universal and Innate Intelligence as expressed in living organisms and the study of Vitalism, as it relates to current science.


Bob and Alan’s Journey to Health

Raised in Kankakee, Illinois he grew up under the guidance of parents who were conservative, honest, hardworking people. His father, Robert Fox, was a crew member on a WWII B17 Bomber Squadron stationed in the south pacific. “Bob” developed serious health problems with his neck and arm, creating a disability. This disability was a life changing experience for Alan as a high school student about to enter college.  “Bob” received the highest level of medical care with no response, finally as a last resort, he found a chiropractor and the results were wonderful. Being ill for months with no relief in sight it was like a miracle when the Primary Problem was corrected.  The impression this left on a young student (Dr. Fox) was life changing. It ended up being the motivation that led him to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.  In addition much later in his life, Dr. Fox suffered a severe setback in his own health, which led him to commit himself to becoming a board certified Upper Cervical Specialist in Orthospinology.

In 2005 he was awakened with severe foot pain.  The pain became so severe he was unable to walk.  This conditioned worsened to the point where it felt like “a branding iron” was being placed in the ball of each foot.  He went to dozens of doctors for help. There seemed to be no solution to the problem.  General chiropractic, nutrition, physical therapy, and attempts at acupuncture brought only temporary relief.  Only after exhaustive medical evaluations, Dr. Fox was told you have some kind of auto immune reaction going on.  It was finally suggested he had what is called RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).  He was told there is no cure and to take steroids such as prednisone which would eventually not work and destroy his general health. Highly motivated and feeling hopeless, Dr. Fox started to study information on the internet which led him to seek Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.  His condition was resolved through the correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex.  So when a patient comes to him and says, “no one understands how my condition is destroying my life”, Dr. Fox can relate to what seems to be a hopeless case.  Dr. Fox has dedicated his life to the study and ability to provide the highest quality upper cervical care.



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