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“I was very sore and uncomfortable when sitting and standing due to neck and head pain. Even a slight change in position could set off a headache. I found myself lying down turning the lights off and withdrawing from the world. I had very bad migraine headaches and shoulder pain. I had went to several different doctors only to take pills that only covered up the problem for a short while. It was ruining my school and social life. I do not know what I would have done if I did not find help from Dr. Fox. I feel a lot better. I am happier and healthier. I can even now work without pain. I would tell anyone to not wait till you can’t even walk, like I was. It will make you feel a lot better. Dr. Fox is very friendly and what a professional place to go for help.” – Katie B. Idaho



“When I first came in for care I was upset, irritable and a wreck. Everyone in the clinic was friendly. I was treated like I was the only patient they had. The headaches I had been having lasted for 10-12 hrs then would only be temporarily relieved with narcotics. It was a horrible way to live for over 8 years. I am feeling so much better now and it is amazing how much happier I am. Even work and play is much better. I was skeptical at first as to how a little misalignment in your neck could cause such horrible pain in the head. Now I can truly recommend this treatment and have recommended it to anyone who is suffering.” – Monique (Mo) L. Illinois 

Neck & Back Pain Resolved


“I was having a conversation with a friend about chiropractic and chiropractic results or should I say the “lack thereof” and the variety of methods implemented to improve back/neck pain.  I was tired of the type of visits that yielded short term results.  I looked for a practice that promoted long term results as well as quality of life care.  I found it with Dr. Fox.  The initial twice a week visits program was a little foreign to me as I was only familiar with a single visit and “come see me again in when you think you need it” methodology.  Having experienced both methods I can honestly say there is a huge difference in outcomes.  Dr. Fox has a protective care (maintenance) program that promotes well-being for the long term.  I live a very active lifetstyle and inevitable would have one of those Ah-oh, wish I would have done that moments.  Now those recovery times are very quick. I have been seeing Dr. Fox for over a year now and find that my general health has improved greatly.  I move better, eat better and think better.  I think by keeping my upper neck in position my entire spine remembers where its true position lies.  Spread the word.  I am so glad my friend shared his knowledge about Dr. Fox and his practice.” – Carma B. Nevada

Headaches Resolved


“Traditional medicine usually involves drugs and general lack of concern for your long term health. That was my experience before coming to Dr. Fox. There is a difference with upper cervical care. The care I received focuses on your wellbeing both physically and mentally. It helped me eliminate the head and neck pain that I suffered with for years. I also learned that having good health starts within me and that prescription drugs only mask your problem.” –  Julie D. Idaho

Headaches Resolved


“I was in pain and physically wiped out for several months. My headaches are much less, although the pain is much less there still remains room to improve. I am no longer fatigued. The pain is not as intense as when I began care. I had a feeling it would take some time but it is much better after a few weeks. Since I am feeling less physical and mental stress I’d say I am much happier. I am not sure what to say to others but I can tell you I am going to bring my two daughters in to be checked. Dr. Fox is very thorough and friendly. This is a very professional clinic.” – Helen S. Idaho

Migraine Headaches – Mental Stress


“I have had headaches over the last few years that were gradually getting worse. Neck pain and back pain were frequent. I suffer with problems with sleeplessness and unrestfull sleep and then extremely sluggish in the morning. After coming to Dr. Fox I am feeling much better. I have a ways to go but I am feeling much better. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing any symptoms of physical distress or mental stress uncharacteristic of their normal self to seek upper cervical chiropractic care.” – Gary C. Nevada

Back and Leg Pain


“When I came to Dr. Fox my back and left leg was such in a condition that I could not walk on it without tremendous amount of pain. I was taking anywhere from 4-10 Motrin a day. Through the care I received from him no longer does my leg or back hurt. I do get a little slight pain if I overdue. I now take no Motrin. I am very happy with the results. My level of pain was so extreme and constant I was concerned my condition could not be remedied. I was very relieved when Dr. Fox told me he could help me as he is honest and told me in the consultation if he could not help he would let me know. I am thankful each day when I am able to walk and be active without that intense, burning pain in my back and leg. You don’t miss the freedom until you don’t have it. I would recommend Dr. Fox to anyone who has a health issue.” – Janaye M. Idaho

Migraines and Vertigo


“When I first came to Dr. Fox I was feeling very poorly. 95% of my days were down days. I had very little quality of life. My pain in my back and migraines along with balance problems were ruining my life. I am doing so much better and I would recommend anyone to get upper cervical care. Even when I improved fifty percent I was so much better. I would like to say don’t give up hope. Where there is a will there is a way. I knew someone would figure this out.” – James T, Idaho

Neck Pain of 4 Years


“I have had ongoing back and neck pain for the last four years. I have been very upset that I can’t do everyday activities without feeling sore and lots of pain the next day. I am so much better and continue to improve with time. My office visits are very efficient with the friendly and professional manner the office is operated. I am given an appointment that fits my schedule. I was recommended to come by other employees at my work. I would recommend anyone with health problems to come to Dr. Fox. I know that everyone will feel happier when they leave.” – Tina A. Idaho

Headaches, Weakness, Couldn’t Do Sports


“I had problems with pain in my neck and back which kept me from working out like my friends. My headaches and back pain stopped me from lifting weights. I am feeling much better. I am much happier and I can lift weights without any pain. Dr. Fox is a very good chiropractor. Come see him and you will feel better.” – Kirt B. Nevada




“I was hurting pretty bad. My neck pain, numbness in arms and headaches were getting worse and just couldn’t ignore it. I was upset and my wife and kids knew I just wasn’t myself. I followed the program and I am feeling great. I feel better in the mornings and happier when I get home to my wife and kids. Dr. Fox is awesome with his services. Overall I would tell anyone to come here when they need help.” – Justin L. Idaho


Meniere’s (Dizziness) Headaches


“When I first came in I had severe headaches and dizziness every day. I had been suffering with this for years but it was getting worse. I am so happy that I know longer have the dizziness. My headaches are so much better. I don’t get headaches very often. I feel I can work better and be able to concentrate on my work without having headaches. I would encourage everyone who feels any stress or anything to try Dr. Fox and upper cervical care. I was a skeptic and found out it WORKS! Thank you Dr. Fox.” – Sheila H. Idaho

Neck and Head Pain


“I am not much for doctors of any kind. But when my neck and back got so bad it was shutting me down I had to do something. My friends told me to see Fox. This thing about your spine relates to your neck seemed strange but it turns out it works and I am much better. It took a while but I am much better now. It does seem like it takes too long to get back to normal. I would encourage others to come in for care… this stuff works.” – John W. Idaho

Mystery Pain in Head & Dizziness


“Emotionally my nerves were pretty well shattered, in shock, blood pressure fluctuating from high to low. I had a pain in my head along with pressure. Having been to several doctors and more and more pills with no results I was referred to Dr. Fox. The dizziness was getting so bad I was laying down most of the time. I am doing better. My body has been taking time to get well but I know I am better. It is good to know where to go for help. I would recommend Dr. Fox for any kind of ailment physical or mental. The nerves in your neck affect all of your body and you will feel much better when that is in alignment.” – Lucy G. Idaho

Headaches Were Draining Me


“Headaches were draining me of my normal personality. After seeing your “headache” ad in the newspaper, I thought I’d try one more time to get to the bottom of the problem. I had been to several doctors. My medications were very expensive. I had to take more and more at an increasing regularity. So I came to Dr. Fox and he was very thorough and found a way to help and actually get to the cause of the problem in my upper neck. I have improved more than any other way of treating this. I am very happy with my care and the upbeat atmosphere of the clinic. I would recommend anyone to get in for care and not wait.” – Patty W. Idaho

Pain in Neck and Back


“I emotionally was down due to pain in my neck and back. The doctor found the problems and gently corrected the issues. I was skeptical but so many of my friends recommended Dr. Fox. The office is very professional and everything is clearly explained before you make your own decision. I would refer everyone to the office as I was helped very much.” – Jo Dee T. Idaho


Headaches Better


“I was tired of feeling tired. My headaches are better. I feel more comfortable about my health than before beginning care. The upper cervical care and help I received here made me realize when you go to a doctor you don’t have to feel like a number. I would suggest to anyone Dr. Fox. I like the idea of not being pushed or prodded into place. It is great that this gentle precise care has been invented.” – Bonnie M. Idaho


6 Months Pregnant, Neck & Back Pain


“The doctor is the best of the best. He is always caring and accommodating. I was about 6 months pregnant when I came in for neck and back pain. The care was the best thing I have ever done during pregnancy. Due to the technology used in this clinic the procedures (adjustments) never hurt or are uncomfortable. In my case I noticed results the day after my first correction. I feel a lot better, sleep better and expect an easier delivery due to being in balance. Thank you Dr. Fox. I would recommend anyone to get checked and corrected.” – Heather H. Idaho

Pain, Numbness in Head and Back


“When I first came in I was getting to the point where I was unable to work and be myself. The pain in my neck and back was so severe I was not walking right. I was treated with respect and giving good information to make my own decisions. I am nearly completely out of pain and doing very good. I am a lot happier and the office is a wonderful place. The doctor has helped me. In my opinion, I have been to many chiropractic doctors for 15 years and Dr. Fox the best.  The upper cervical approach is the best.” – Ken S. Nevada

Constant Neck Tension


“When I first came to the office I was feeling frustrated with the tension I was feeling in my neck. It was constant and was affecting my teaching and my life. Until you have such tension you cannot understand how it just never lets up. My neck tension is definitely better. Overall I am feeling better as well. My mood is much better and my attitude a about work and other areas of life is doing much better. I appreciate the help upper cervical chiropractic care has given me. Thanks Dr. Fox.” – Elizabeth J. Idaho

Headaches, Neck Stiffness, Dizziness, Fatigue


“When I first came in I was always tired. My neck was stiff and I had constant headaches and dizziness. (Doctors said Meniere’s syndrome. All I know was I was dizzy all the time. First of all of all the doctors I have seen I never felt more comfortable in an office. They are truly invested in helping me to become a healthier person. I was very impressed the first time I met Dr. Fox when he sat down and really reviewed my health history. I never received that kind of individual and extensive care during examinations from any medical doctor. I have been feeling much better than when I first came in. I know what it is like again to be headache and pain free. I feel much happier because I have more energy to focus on my family, my hobbies and my work. I would encourage anyone who has tension or problems in the neck to get help from Dr. Fox. I know people come from all over the U.S. to get help. He will invest the time and make sure your needs are taken care of.” – Shelby S. Idaho

Neck and Lower Back Pain


“Emotionally I was drained. Daily for months I asked myself the question? Why was it so difficult to get out of bed every morning? Why could I not get through the day without pain? I went to several doctors and only more pills which made me groggy and didn’t really work. Do I feel better? You bet I do. I can actually get out of bed without pain. I am happier and my day starts with a smile rather than a grimace of pain. Work is easier and play is great. If you have problems don’t wait to be so miserable, take care of it now. Make an appointment with Dr. Fox you will not regret it.” – Daryl W. Idaho

Neck, Mid Back and Lower Spine Pain


“How can you neck mid back and lower back hurt all at once? It came on slowly over years and no one could help. I love this specific approach to correction. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience the improvement first hand. After a few corrections I recovered quickly. After a few weeks I have been rebuilt to a new man. The experience is one of being respected and well cared for. Everything is handled with no surprises and businesslike I so appreciate that there is no question to the cost or what to expect before you get involved. Thanks Dr. Fox.” – Jason D. Idaho

Shoulder Pain


“I had pain in my right shoulder. It was very intense and no one could figure it out. Many of my friends recommended Dr. Fox. I really was skeptical and didn’t have any faith in chiropractors. I can’t say enough about the quality of care I received. I am pretty intense guy who asked a lot of question. Dr. Fox is sharp guy and he didn’t back away from my challenges to his initial evaluation. What I can tell you is the problem was coming from my neck after all and he was right. He fixed the alignment and my shoulder got well. I am very happy with the results. I would recommend Dr. Fox to anyone.” –  James T. Idaho

No Pain Ever Stopped Me


“I am a pretty active guy. I work hard and play hard. No pain ever stopped me. I have to say I really was just pushing through and it was not feeling so good in my neck and mid back. I am happier because my back feels much better. It was a professional deal coming here. There is no B.S. and I appreciate Dr. Fox is focused and knows what he is doing. I cant say I trust most doctors but I do Dr. Fox.” – Hal M. Idaho


Neck Correction Solved Leg Pain


“I was in a hunting accident when I was younger. Took a shotgun blast to the face left me with no vision in one eye. Being a hard working farmer I learned to adapt to pain and working hard. I got ot the point where I knew I was always living with pain and it settled into my leg. Went to lots of doctors and no results. When I came to Dr Fox from a referral from a friend it was different. He looked at my entire body and how my head was off center to my hips. The technology and examination revealed the problem. I began care and my leg pain (sciatica) was resolved. I am lot happier since getting under care and life is much easier to deal with work and play. I know I have a lot better health now that I have had my Atlas correction. Listen to Dr. Fox and you will get better.” – Larry V. Idaho

Severe Neck Pain For Years


“I was at my wits end, trying to perform my job and dealing with a lot of pain. Not knowing where to turn or what exactly turn or what was wrong. I was in accidents years ago that messed up my neck but the medical doctors told me I was fine. Now I know from the examinations and X-rays Dr. Fox performed what was wrong. My Atlas was out of alignment. I am much happier now because I feel so much better. I believe Dr. Fox is the most professional doctor in Idaho and truly cares for his patients. I wouldn’t go to any one else for headaches and neck pain. I would only say don’t wait till you get as bad as I was.” – Karla F. Idaho

Lower Back Pain Gone


“I was experiencing lower back pain for years being avid skier not so cool. I was tired all the time. I was also in a negative attitude. Nothing was helping. I came to Dr. Fox and amazing results occurred. My lower back pain is essentially gone. In precise work like this it is cool how when you get things lined up the body corrects itself. I would say physically I am 60% better and 80% mentally better. I know it time I will be 100%. I would recommend anyone come to get checked.” – Tom B. Idaho

Back Pain Corrected by Upper Cervical

pic31 “I was always in pain. I always took pain killers, muscle relaxants, and anything that I thought would help. I used everything possible to help, a wedge to sit on, back braces, and even expensive shoe inserts. Nothing helped at all. I was completely depressed. I was only a teenage and felt as if I were falling apart. I did not want to live the rest of my life with the kind of pain that I was experiencing. My future truly was horrible if I stayed in this pain. I went to chiropractor after chiropractor … medical doctors and even therapist… no results. One would tell me I had scoliosis and one would say I didn’t. I even went to the famous back specialist in Sun Valley, Id. He had me do physical therapy for months …no results. The finally said I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. Dr. Fox was the only one who could help. I am now doing so much better. The pain is no longer present and I am stronger and able to enjoy my life again. I know it seems hard to believe but Dr. Fox’s knowledge in his field of study made all the difference. I have a future now and I owe it to the care I received from Dr. Fox. I would recommend getting checked because you can’t tell what the problem is and either could the medical specialist. Upper cervical is a life saver. My life has improved 100%. I can do things I want to do now, without pain. I went from age 14 until 18 with pain so bad I couldn’t sit on the piano bench for ten minutes without crying. Now I can sit for hours. I went from not being able to sit and holdup my own head because it would hurt my neck too bad to being able to be alert and always seeing everything around me. If it were not for Dr. Fox I would still be in pain. I have more energy now than before. I used to drag on day after day but now I do not at all. Thanks to Dr. Fox I have my life back!” – Holly F. Idaho

Ear Infections Resolved


“Raven had constant ear infections and was to get tubes in her ears. The doctors thought it was best, because no medications worked. I had taken her to several Pediatricians. All said she needed tubes. I came to Dr. Fox he explained the good results that can come from the care he provides. He also explained how the immune system works and how the nerves affect the ears from the neck. I know that a friend had good results with her baby. Within three visits the infections in both her ears was corrected. The doctors checked her and said that her ears had healed up… ! I am so happy my baby didn’t have to have tubes we owe it to Dr. Fox for the Atlas correction in her neck. It is safe and worked really well. All my kids are getting checked.” – Myra O. Idaho

Neck Pain


“I was not one to complain. I had neck pain and it affected my bowling. My mother insisted I come in and get it checked. Dr. Fox found the Atlas out of alignment. I am so happy I came because I didn’t know how it was causing me to be tired and strangely as my alignment. I improved and I am very happy. I feel sorry for those who don’t know where to go. I wish EVERYONE could feel this good.” – Carolyn R. Nevada


Chronic Lower Back Pain


“I am a RN and was injured on the job. My lower back and spine in general was damaged. I went to several doctors including chiropractors. I received many treatments but there was no improvement. I did dozens of distraction treatments but there was not improvement. I drove in the winter to Dr. Fox hours away to receive specific chiropractic care. It was amazing. I improved and the personal care was impressive. I want everyone to know that it is the entire spine that is helped with this work that Dr. Fox does. I owe Dr. Fox a great deal and am a changed woman because of his excellent care. I give there care a 10.” – Catherine S. Nevada

Migraines, Neck Pain, Leg Pain


“Let me tell you I have never had so much pain in all my life since 18 years of age. I have been going to doctors of all kinds all that time to get help. I had pain down my front and back of my legs and my neck real bad. But damn no one would listen to me. I had migraines all these years along with the leg pain. The center of my back always had a band of pain around it and I was always sick to my stomach. I only could sleep an hour at time. After coming to Dr. Fox there is hardly a pain in my body. Now I sleep through the night. I feel good when I get up in the morning. I am not sick to my stomach. I don’t know exactly how it all works but I know when I feel better and my Correction at Dr. Fox’s made all the difference. I would refer everyone to get this care.” –  Kathleen M. Idaho

Whiplash Headaches


“I had a work related injury whiplashing my spine. I was scared. I had been fine one moment and in excruciating pain a few moments later. Knowing that the amazing results my family had received with Dr. Fox’s care, I made this my first stop. My recovery has been excellent and much faster than I anticipated. I sincerely appreciated the information and support that I feel from coming to Dr. Fox. It is so wonderful to find a method of healing that avoids surgery, scar tissue and drugs. I look forward to maintaining excellent health for years through a healthy spinal system. I would recommend this care to anyone.” – Polly B. Idaho

Lower Back Pain


“I was amazed to find out I was so far out of alignment in my spine and that the neck and lower back is the key to balance. It is like being aligned precisely impacts all the body. I am doing great and thankful to have precision chiropractic care. I would recommend anyone to have their frame and alignment checked out with Dr. Fox.” – Lance S. Idaho


Neck and Back Pain


“I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Fox took precision X-rays and did some test that showed my problem in the nerves. I was educated to what the problem was and he took the time to show me the test results. No other doctor ever took the time to show me what was going on. Dr. Fox has the latest and greatest technology which is important to me. One of the things that made a lot of sense to me what he couldn’t do it alone without my commitment. He told me I would be wasting my money and time and he wouldn’t accept the case if I didn’t follow through. This is the greatest office and the results I received were wonderful. I would recommend the work Dr. Fox does and do so to all my friends. I am so happy to be able to work and play pain free.” – Bob P. Nevada

Headaches, Neck Pain 10 Years


“Emotionally I was feeling a little drained. I had been living off of painkillers the last 10 years. Doctors told me that I had chronic pain and would always live this way because it was like a illness.. I would just have to learn to live with it. I had a bad experience with a chiropractor 12 years ago. It took a lot for me to trust coming back to a chiropractor. But after learning from Dr. Fox what to expect before getting the care I was impressed with the new technology and his thorough explanation of the no twisting of the neck and spine. My impression of the office is very positive. The doctor is very knowledgeable and there is no B.S. in his approach. I know feel 100% better. I never knew I had been whiplashed till the X-rays revealed the problem. After the third visit I was able to stop all painkillers. I have so much more energy. If you know what I am talking about you’ll understand when I say I did not even feel the last snowstorm come in. Weather changes do not affect my pain anymore. I am a lot happier because am no longer restricted in my activities. Thank you Dr. Fox for providing this wonderful service.” – Carrie P. Idaho

Whiplash Neck and Head Pain


“I was pretty emotionally upset when I was hit from behind. I was in pain for weeks when it seemed I was not going to get better. I went to all the specialist but they just gave me pills. My head and neck continued to get worse. One thing that was great was how nice the office was and it felt some warm and friendly. When I met Dr. Fox he was amazing. He explained everything before we did the examinations. He found my problem in the neck at the top vertebrae. It is called the Atlas. When he gently aligned it back in place it didn’t hurt at all. Within a few days I felt the pain in my neck leaving and my head felt so much better. I feel physically and emotionally so much better. That I am going to be ok is the biggest relief. It still hurts a little when I lift something too heavy but I know better. I would say anything to get others to not wait and go in to get checked by Dr. Fox. I would also tell them I am sending them to the best.” –  Sarah H. Idaho

Migraines and Neck Pain


“I was feeling uneasy, living in a new place, new people and I am type of person that doesn’t like medical care and only as a last resort. I was unusually impressed with the professional care that Dr. Fox provides. I felt like I was the only patient. My migraines and neck pain are greatly improved. I am pleasant to be around again. At work I am more productive. My range of motion is much better. I would say if you are hurting don’t wait, stop suffering needlessly, see Dr. Fox and get back to enjoying life again.” – Dennis H. Idaho





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