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What you will learn in this free video series on Migraine Headaches

In our Overcoming Migraines video series, you will learn about scientific research that links the upper neck to brain changes and migraine headaches. This research is readily available, but nearly unknown to the majority of Americans. In the videos we will answer important questions including the following:

  • Why your migraine medicine, may be making your headaches worse
  • How an old injury may be the reason for your migraines
  • How all chiropractors are not the same
  • How are your migraines are actually changing your brain
  • What is the success rate with this type of care?
  • How are migraines related to high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and other conditions?
  • What if you get dizziness with your migraines?
  • How are concussions related to migraines?
  • What if you have been diagnosed with a retinal migraine?
  • And much more…

Who is Dr. Alan Fox?

DrAlanFox_HeadshotDr. Fox has been practicing chiropractic for over 30 years and is board certified in Orthospinology. Dr. Fox has cared for newborns, teens, adults and even world class athletes, including Two Heavyweight champions over the last 3 decades. Dr. Fox decided to specialize in orthospinology after a life-changing experience. Dr. Fox was struggling with headaches from previous football injuries and disabilities from reflex sympathetic dystrophy in his feet, until he saw an orthospinology specialist. Following this unique type of care, all of his symptoms resolved! After his experience he decided to open his own clinic and has seen excellent results with a variety of conditions, including migraine headaches.

What Others Are Saying

Patty W.


Headaches Were Draining Me

“Headaches were draining me of my normal personality. After seeing your “headache” ad in the newspaper, I thought I’d try one more time to get to the bottom of the problem. I had been to several doctors. My medications were very expensive. I had to take more and more at an increasing regularity. So I came to Dr. Fox and he was very thorough and found a way to help and actually get to the cause of the problem in my upper neck. I have improved more than any other way of treating this. I am very happy with my care and the upbeat atmosphere of the clinic. I would recommend anyone to get in for care and not wait.”


Katie B


Migraines Were Ruining My Life

I was very sore and uncomfortable when sitting and standing due to neck and head pain. Even a slight change in position could set off a headache. I found myself lying down turning the lights off and withdrawing from the world. I had very bad migraine headaches and shoulder pain. I had went to several different doctors only to take pills that only covered up the problem for a short while. It was ruining my school and social life. I do not know what I would have done if I did not find help from Dr. Fox. I feel a lot better. I am happier and healthier. I can even now work without pain. I would tell anyone to not wait till you can’t even walk, like I was. It will make you feel a lot better. Dr. Fox is very friendly and what a professional place to go for help.

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