Videos Showing Results of Specific Upper Cervical Correction




Before & After Specific Upper Cervical Correction




Emily Willen Head Bandage Cropped

Emily Willen Smiling cropped



Emily Willen Patient Testimonial

“Brief story of my illness. 10 months seizure free since my correction with Dr Fox! Eternally grateful !! ”  




Raymond V. Damandian, M.D. Inventor of the MRI and Upright MRI

Who is Dr. Raymond V. Damandian – Video


Patient Testimonial at Cranio-Cervical Syndrome Symposium – April 6, 2013

Dr. Damandian talks at a (CCS) Symposium about a patient that has a severe Atlas Subluxation Complex that he refers to as Cranio-Cervical Syndrome  – April 6, 2013. These two videos describe a powerful testimonial about a lady that had Sudden Drop Syndrome correcting the condition saved her life.




Montel Williams with MS gets help with Upper Cervical Care

Montel’s  M.D. sent him to Dr. Kerr in NY who helped him.



Orthospinology Instrument Correction Demonstrated

The precision orthospinology instrument is used by Dr. Alan Fox at Advanced Upper Cervical Wellness.



Upper Cervical Chiropractic on “The Doctors”

On November 25th the tv show “The Doctors” showcased upper cervical care.





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