Advanced Upper Cervical Correction is Different

Meet Dr. Alan Fox, D.C., Advanced Board Certified Orthospinology

Dr. Fox has over 29 years experience helping patients who have come to him locally and from 36 states from around the U.S. and 7 foreign countries.

What is Advanced Upper Cervical Correction?

Find out more about this precise, gentle and effective type of wellness care. It is a Board Certified Specialty within the Chiropractic profession. The emphasis on the precise alignment of the Craniocervical Junction is the focus of evaluation and care. The upper cervical spine has a vital role to play regarding the proper communication between the Brain and Body.

Orthospinology refers to the “Orthogonal Engineering Term meaning 90 degree angles.” We first determine if this misalignment exists. If so, our goal is to align the Craniocervical Junction according to each individual’s unique precise anatomical measurements which are determined with Precision Digital X-ray Analysis and Neurological evaluation.