We Are a Cash Practice Only

Our Relationship Is With You – Not an Insurance Company

  • We Are Not an Insurance Practice
  • We Do Not Participate in Any Networks

We provide you with a receipt on each visit. You may provide this information to your insurance. Do not be surprised when you find that your insurance does not cover our wellness coded services. We do not treat standard coded medical or chiropractic conditions but rather provide a corrective approach to “brain to body balancing” which is focused on the up regulation of the central nervous system. If you are looking for general manipulation chiropractic urgent care services that participate in insurance we do not provide such services. There are hundreds of other providers to choose from. We do not use coding based on manipulation, therapies, etc. but rather on specific examinations and the doctor’s time is charged by the hour. Our services are based on hourly fees for the analysis and hourly time the doctor spends on each individual case.

Personal Injury/Workman’s Comp/Medical/Chiropractic Legal Cases:

We do not treat work comp or personal injury cases. If you have been injured our goal is to balance the body not participate in medical/legal issues that are centered around anyone trying to justify the need or quality of care we are providing you. If you are looking for an office that will help you with your litigation documentation etc., there are many offices out there that specialize in such practices. We do not participate in medical/legal litigation cases.

* We do not send reports, notes, or any information directly to insurance companies. Please do not ask us to do so. We are happy to make a copy of your records for a minimum fee for you privately. Then you the patient, who has contracted with the company, can accept full responsibility to directly communication with them.

Medicare or Medicaid Insurance
We Do Not Participate


Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Hsa, Master-Card, Visa, Discover

*Payment is due on the day service is rendered.
*Established Patient Office Visits paid on day of service. (Pre pay visits are paid one time in advance).
* Cancellation Policy: 24 Hour Notice

We have a busy schedule of appointments that are booked in advanced. We have a waiting list of patients who would like to get in. Please provide 24
hour notice if you must cancel. If you do not honor the 24 hr. notice; charges for the time that were booked for you will apply.

1. Pre Care

$350.00 Hourly Rate (60 min.)
Consultation & Screening Appointment

(Z71.89 Code)
All Consultations are in person so the doctor can examine each individual.

The Consultation includes a very detailed review of each individual’s history. Proprietary screening exam tests developed by Dr. Fox are performed to determine if each individual is in his professional opinion a Candidate or not for Cranial Cervical Junction Correction.

In Addition:
Secondary approaches are available in our clinic to help patients. The doctor will let you know your options. When appropriate a referral to another health care provider may be recommended by the doctor.

During your visit you will be given a tour of the clinic, explain the philosophy of the doctor’s approach to health and wellness care. You will learn of our proprietary clinical approach to providing the primary and secondary levels of care used in Advanced Upper Cervical Wellness. Following this tour you will then have a thorough review of your history prior to receiving specific screening exam tests to determine if you are in fact a Candidate for care.

2. New Patients Candidates

(Hourly rate $350.00 per hr.)

Doctor’s Evaluation of Examinations Fee
(99205 Code)
(4.5 hrs. analysis of exams & Xrays)

Precision Digital X-rays
(72052 Code) 1st Set Pre & Post

New Patient Visits: (1) Correction Visit (4) Follow Up Visits
(S8990 Code) Each Visit is coded to be a “wellness visit” not a treatment of symptoms.

$  775.00
Low Level Light Laser (0552T) and/or Microcurrent Therapy (E0720)

Support Products Required To Stabilize Correction:

Cervical Support Pillow
(E0190 Code)

Innate Choice Omega 3 w/A&D
(99070 Code)

Cervical Support Collar
(L0120 Code)

Total for New Patient with Exam Scans, Pre & Post Xrays (1) Correction Visit, (4) Follow Up Visits & Low Level Light Laser and or Microcurrent Therapy and Support Products 


3. Established Patients

(Hourly rate $300.00 per hr. Established Patients
Follow Up Visits for Patients who have been through Program I and received the Atlas Correction but choose to have additional check ups are then Established Patients.

Established patients have been through the initial new patient care and now choose to have a periodic visit to be checked.