“Dr. Fox is one of the best, most skilled and knowledgeable atlas correction doctors I ever experienced. His history/intake session encompasses every health episode across your entire life. As a healthcare practitioner myself I know how crucial it is to gather those details.Treating the entire patient – hydration, nutrition, and very specific instructions for preparation and after-the -correction behaviors allow for patient success.I have never felt so cared about or so well cared for by any healthcare practitioner in any field. I saw Dr. Fox three years after brain surgery. I had been struggling with severe balance issues, shaking hands and a myriad of symptoms that had not let up . The correction brought immediate relief, circulation and movement I had not known for years.If you are serious about finally healing what ails you then call for a consultation right now. Your future lies in your hands and the skilled hands of someone who knows what he is doing and does it well.”